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Queen Rose featuring Mark Shine – Building Bridges by queenrose
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Discography (excerpts)

Album Title
Song Title
Elle Varner Imperfectly Perfect
RCA Records
string arranger, violinist 2012
Gordon Chambers Sincere Moody Love string arranger, violinist/violist 2011
Trey Songz MTV Unplugged featured violinist 2010
Queen Rose feat. Mark Shine Building Bridges
Queen Rose Music
Building Bridges producer, songwriter, string arranger, solo violinist/violist 2010
Rox Memoirs
Rough Trade
My Baby Left Me violinist 2010
Breakfast in Bed violinist
Oh My violinist
Emmanuel Baptist Church Just Praise When The Praises Go Up string arranger, violinist 2010
Key Relationship string arranger, violinist
NY Soul All-Stars
Music Video
Be A Humanitarian
Purpose Records
Be A Humanitarian string arranger, featured solo violinist 2010
Blitz the Ambassador StereoLive Something to believe feat. Tess violinist 2010
Dying to Live feat. John Forte violinist
Nothing to loose string arranger, violinist, soloist
Remembering the Future feat. Kate Mattison & Bajah violinist
Blitz the Ambassador Suicide Stereotype Something to believe violinist/violist 2009
Nothing to loose string arranger, violinist/violist
Goodbye Stereotype violinist/violist
Music Video
I Am The World I Am The World string arranger, violinist/violist 2009

Ashanti Hey Baby After The Club violinist 2008
Rob Murat So Much To Say Mr.Soulman string arranger, violinist/violist 2008
Until It’s Over string arranger, violinist/violist
Born Again violinist/violist
Ra-Re Valverde A Beautiful Mess Do I (4 Daddy) string arranger, violinist 2008
Steve Wallace Urban Soul 4 Hip-Hop string arranger, violinist 2008
Chandlar Finally Got My Swagga Back Never Thought string arranger, violinist 2008
Rose Bartu Cherchez La Verité
Queen Rose Music
producer, composer, singer, violinist 2005
Roswitha Destiny
Queen Rose Music
singer, songwriter, violinist, producer, instrumentalist 2013