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I am Roswitha and I would love for you to receive my Destiny album!

I wrote the 13 songs on my “Destiny” album, which made it into 10 categories on the Grammy ballots in 2013, to empower myself and others to live their dreams, despite obstacles and fears. I know how much it takes to put myself in the driver’s seat and to stay there. I want you to have those pieces of my heart! The songs are straight out of my life and I wish for them to inspire you.

I hope you will join my closest friends and fans, so I can share with you my journey to my new album, more free music and opportunities for you to participate! And I would love to hear from you personally too!

I was born and raised in the Austrian Alps in a tiny town of 3,500 and came over the Atlantic ocean by myself to pursue my dreams. I am now an Austrian-American Violinist, Singer/Songwriter and Producer living in NYC.

I had a dream of touring the world when I was a kid building bridges with my music. I grew up without a TV. Daily world news at breakfast on the radio connected me to the rest of the world. Ghandi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King became my heroes.

The racial divides affected me deeply on coming to NYC. I thought it was history. I played eight years in a gospel church and have friends of all colors and backgrounds! I wanted to commit my life to eradicating division between people, groups and races. That’s how my Building Bridges vision was born.

I know how alienation in your own home feels. I found new possibilities in NYC, outside my own pond. Sometimes I feel torn apart living my dreams, feeling homesick and like a foreigner living far away from my 5 siblings, 8 nieces & nephews and my parents I love. I am currently writing a lot of songs for my new album and can’t wait to share new music soon!

Love and live your Destiny