At 3 years old my 3 older siblings started to tease me after an incident “But you are nice, aren’t you?” I was the good girl and some of my siblings hated that (especially the two I was in-between). I decided going to my mum for support has negative repercussions, so I never would go for any support to her again. I made up I was on my own and couldn’t trust anyone. I was hiding out in my room and secretly crying when I was hurt. Noone knew, cause with six children my parents were more than busy. I turned into a serious girl and lost some of my fun, carefree and playful self.

lustige Rosi

Lagerfeuer Roswitha 020816left pic: fun me at around age 3 (with my cool sis right above me on the bike), one of my fave childhood pics!
middle pic: cool me around age 12 with my very first brand new shoes I got, red snickers I was super proud of!
right pic: a pic from today, just a few years later 😉


What decisions did you make as a child that you are ready to let go of to expand your life and pursue your Destiny and dreams? I would love to hear from you!

That decision pretty much ran most of my life. I created a very independent life, literally. I moved out age 14 to study at the Music Academy in Graz/Austria while attending a specialized high school for music students. Later I moved across the Atlantic ocean to NYC on my own, where I became an independent artist, no coincidences ☺ Our decisions run our life until we discover them and take new actions. My life in NYC has been about getting out of my comfort zone and expanding beyond what I thought was possible for this shy girl…

Guess what, I am forever done being independent! This year is all about creating teams in my life and empowering and inspiring leaders around me! Not a new creation for me, but I am taking different actions. I found out I function so much better in community! I LOVE people and without extending myself to support others and letting others contribute to me by holding me accountable to my bigger self I revert back to the “good girl”, who was afraid to speak up for herself, kept her dreams (like singing) secretly close to her heart, kept withdrawing and hiding behind her violin.

Christmas pic w instruments Christmas picture with all my siblings playing our instruments; photography: Jacquelyn Ackeifi, styling: JoRae

I am starting a 90-day Leadership Training this weekend to put myself in a supportive team, a 6-month Songwriting Circle with 47 other artists and I am currently also in an 8-month Artist Success Circle (both circles lead by celebrity vocal coach + new music business mentor Cari Cole). I can’t wait to share with you what I am creating 😉 I did a photo shoot and a soft rebrand of my website, but there is lots more to come! Stay tuned!

What are you taking on this year to expand your own boundaries? I would love to hear from you!

Love and live you Destiny