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photography: Jacquelyn Ackeifi, styling: JoRae


I came across this wonderful version of “You Oughta Know” On The Howard Stern Show by Alanis Morrisette when I found out about Johnny Fratto’s death in November. I was shocked. I listened for the first time in memory of Johnny, who was a regular guest on the show and through whom I heard of the show.

Johnny Fratto & Roswitha in L.A., 2013

I met Johnny in L.A. two years ago after which we talked on the phone. Johnny listened to my DESTINY CD and wrote me “I have your CD in my car and it is wonderful!!!” He wanted to help me with my career. He had tons of ideas, even wanted to get me onto the Howard Stern Show 🙂 Thanks Johnny for shining a light for me! Sometimes we just need someone to believe in us to keep us going!


I also listened to parts of Alanis Morrisette’s interview after her performance and it made me wonder: am I interested in the wrong men?

Alanis is a very smart & reflective person, clearly she did a lot of work on herself, if she talks of “love addiction withdrawal” being the worst. I have gone through that one… She pointed out an alpha man with an alpha woman is high energy and hot, but not sustainable. Yep, I have experienced that… She said an alpha power woman works best with an empowered beta supportive man. She said “my husband loves my fame, I believe he is born to support the powerful feminine!” So beautiful that she gets his support! This got me thinking: Maybe I am interested in the wrong men…

What are your desires? What are you searching for? Your own truth within yourself, for a partner in life, how to keep the joy, spark, desires and love going within a relationship when work and routines take over? I wrote several songs on my DESTINY album sharing my search and desires. I want you to have my empowering songs for your rainy days 😉 You can go and listen to a sampler of the album and get it for free here

Love & live your Destiny