Roswitha, singer, songwriter, violinist
photography: Jacquelyn Ackeifi, styling: JoRae

On Saturday I did a photo-shoot in my personal environment, so I can give you a little insight into how I work and live: writing new songs for my new album, creating my new sound. To be in the in-between (of albums) can be a challenge. I wrote over 30 songs in a year, and have been told I need to dig deeper. It is like creating a relationship or any other dream. It is hard not to rush the process, because I can’t wait to share my new songs with you!

My singing reminds others of both Edith Piaf and Marlene Dietrich. It is my voice and my accent I believe, not so much my songs and style. In December Edith Piaf, the French singer, songwriter and actress, would have turned 100. The month before my grandmother would have turned 100. Coincidence, but my grandma always wanted to become a singer, and she couldn’t. So living my dream as a singer/violinist means a lot to me! Are you pursuing your dreams? Are you surrounding yourself with those, who lift you up?

The first person who compared me with Edith Piaf was my artist friend Timothy Stachecki, who gave me a video testimonial about my DESTINY CD Release Show (you can watch HERE): “…there was almost like an Edith Piaf kind of grittiness to the singing that appealed to me far more than I anticipated and it was just exciting to see… universally able to be appreciated… there are not very many people who can bring that depth of feeling and that depth of authenticity to music…” Maybe I need to take some inspiration from Edith Piaf? I have never listened to her! Who are you taking inspiration from? Who is inspiring you to move forward despite challenges? Who is in your camp?