Lovely friends,

Are you loving your beauty and sharing it with the world?

I was sitting in the plane to Florida last Friday listening to my artist friend’s album “Turn another page” by Rebekah Maxwell, just beautiful and so appropriate to this story! This is what I wrote on the plane:

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It’s my 1.time visiting Miami for a mini vacation in my birthday month with girlfriends and participating in Mama Gena’s Immersion. You haven’t heard of Mama? Well, if you are a woman and like me most of your life mostly nurtured male traits to create your life of your dreams (I turned out like my dad ;), or if you simply want to step more into your feminine power I highly recommend Mama Gena! She truly taught me to appreciate men so much more as well as myself as a woman and the amazing support women give each other! We are the backbone of society and all men! Life becomes so much more fun and enjoyable that way!

I want to share a little about my experiences as an European woman coming to NYC and how Mama helped me to learn to appreciate men and to love my beauty as a woman!

On my to the airport this morning after 3h of sleep I thoughtlessly smiled at a man, and he smiled back on the other side of the train. So before Mama I would look away, be all shy, maybe feel uncomfortable…

I used to always feel uncomfortable when men complimented me, showed interest, it was threatening to me since I moved to NYC. I have been working so hard on establishing myself as an artist, in a mostly male dominated industry, and whenever men had a different agenda it was so disappointing to me. And often crushed me. When I attended the New School Jazz Program in NYC I was mostly seen as a woman and not like a fellow musician by my (mostly male) fellow musicians, contrary to Austria, where I grew up and studied concert violin at the Music University in Graz while attending a specialized high school. I have to admit that was my biggest cultural shock. My walls went up quickly to protect myself… As a woman at heart I didn’t “man up” with the men, but instead went my own ways, which sometimes felt a bit lonely, cause I kept a safe distance and went about my own business.

After training with Mama Gena in her Mastery class I enjoy being a woman smiling at a man. The man on the train was in a group of people. He left the train last so he could walk over to me, shook my hand and said “I just wanted to tell you I appreciate that beautiful smile”. Wow. That blew me away, what a reminder how appreciative, caring and generous men are! Thank you for making me feel like the beautiful woman I am 🙂

love love love Roswitha






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