Lovely friends,

I want to share a little about my amazing transforming European trip and concerts in Switzerland. I turned out a lot like my dad, who I adore, just like my mum 🙂 They have been my heroes all my life. But it wasn’t until this trip that I had this epiphany that I am still looking and waiting on my dad’s approval for my life as an artist and my music. And to the degree I have been waiting on his approval has been the degree I hadn’t fully appreciated, celebrated and loved myself and my bold, audacious life choices. I am finally publicly and officially taking my parents off the hook! Mum & dad, I love you both soooo much, word can’t express it! You shaped me who I am today! THANK YOU!

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As difficult it sometimes has been, I have not wavered. I persevered and took actions despite all my fears. None of it was planned, I “simply” followed my heart, because the dream I had as a little 12-year old girl growing up in a small town in the middle of the gorgeous Austrian Alps (see pics below 🙂 with 5 siblings never left me. Think of “Sound of Music”, it is that picturesque, and we had music in our house all day too instead of a TV. I grew up without a TV, listening to the world news every day at breakfast, which shaped my worldly dreams and fired up my activist heart!

As much as I sometimes wonder why I chose this path so far away from my whole family and the culture I grew up in and know about, I trust that there is a deeper reason to it I don’t understand intellectually. My Building Bridges vision is deeper engraved in my heart and soul than I can understand. God has a plan for me, and all I try to do is to stay true to what I am told to do inside of my heart. I can be freaking proud of myself! I am a visionary, and I am trusting God more than any circumstances give me proof for. I am finally publicly and officially taking my parents off the hook! They did an awesome job raising 6 kids and supporting us to pursue our dreams. It didn’t always look like how I wanted it to look like, but even my mum trying to talk me out of becoming a musician when I was a teenager was perfect: now looking back I know I made all my decisions based on my own thorough considerations. I had to step up my game to raise the funds and to make every step happen in my career. It didn’t come easily to me. I am eternally grateful for my passion and strength!

I had an amazing beautiful time with my parents in Austria, hiking, gardening, laughing, traveling together. They are in their 70s and still hiking up the Alps and skiing down in the winter! They rock! They made an 8 hour car trip to hear one of my concerts in Switzerland! I love you so much mum and dad! Thanks for giving me all of your love and support so unconditionally! The cup has been overflowing, and all the overflowing love, strength, faith, dedication, and commitment to impact the world with your humbleness, generosity and love I now have to give away! You truly made me who I am, and you still inspire me daily!

I moved out at 14 to pursue my heart’s desires, but it took me much longer to own up to them! I am grateful to you both and I am proud to live the life of my own creation bi-continental, Building Bridges with my music!

love love love Roswitha






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